Friday, 14 January 2011

Random #6

sorry if my last two posts are give you nothing important and just filled with random stuffs but this is how i feel right now.

since 3/4 days ago i got sick. both physically and mentally. i got a terrible stomachache because of PMS and diarrhea too. until now, i don't know the reason why i got that diarrhea because surely i didn't ate something weird. it made me has no power at all to go anywhere and just stay in my lovely bedroom

and the worst part was, at the same time, i heard something that i shouldn't know. horrible, of course. that news really made me down and can't think clearly for a while. actually i have been prepared for this since a couple months ago, but i don't know why my heart still got hurt when i heard that news. and this broken heart made me got severe diarrhea. yes, i've got double jackpot!

but thankfully i've my bestfriends who always support me to get through this broken hearted and help me to forget him completely since they said "that man is not worth it for you, dear".

yeah, i have to move on and start something new. cheer up!


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